Joseph Cain

My name is Joseph Cain, but you can call me XIII (13) for three reasons...

#1 Because I Am “Unlucky"

As the superstition goes, the number 13 is the most unlucky number, and the first thing I want people to know as soon as they meet me is that, I do not consider myself as lucky at all. The talent that I have isn’t from luck, good fortune, or something supernaturally out of my control, but from hard work, time and dedication. Practicing and growing every day, bit by bit like majority of all the other artists out there, and like all the other professions out there. There is blood, sweat and tears behind every G.O.A.T.

It’s very important for people to know that I do not feel like I have luck on my side, because I want people to believe in themselves, and to know that they are capable of anything and everything. Especially for those that have starting points that aren’t as close to their finish lines. I am a young black male, born and raised in community housing, as well as going through majority of my life without a father, or positive male role model. Those are some of the worst cards you can have when trying to win at the game we call life. It’s very important to me for people that have similar circumstances to know where I came from, so they can feel like they too can make it. I want them to know that they can follow their dreams without having to depend on being lucky.

#2 Because Of My Faith

Jesus had 12 Disciples, and before he was crucified, he said to them to go out and spread his message. Spread the love and joy of his father, and to go out and to make more Disciples. So as a Disciple of those Disciples, I consider myself as an “unofficial” 13th Disciple, as I spread love, kindness, understanding and mercy through my faith and through my art. Also Jesus’ Father’s name was Joseph, and I always considered him as an unofficial 13th disciple.

#3 Because Of My Mission Statement

13 in roman numerals is X with three I’s. Which for me can also translate to; living by the three I’s.

The three I’s I live by are:

Ingest, Invest and Impress.

Ingest is to Consume. To take on new things whether they are scary or not. To break outside of the box society has told us to be in, until we find something that feels right and fulfills the desires of our hearts.

Invest is to Dedicate. Dedicate time, money, mind, and soul to perfecting our talents, crafts, or skills. Watch the best, learn from the best, make mistakes, and learn from your mistakes. Grow and invest in ourselves, our dreams along with our futures, and have the discipline to never give up on them even if that means to invest in a team with similar goals, to help each other on the way in moments of weakness.

Impress is to Show Off. Make your own, and then surpass our idols and mentors. Personalize and re-identify our talents, crafts, and skills till it’s something that no one can get anywhere else. To become idols and mentors ourselves, and that’s when we can teach them about our path and journey’s, so that they can make it out of the struggle and move towards evolution too!


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