Looking through the lens of art, “medium” refers to the substance an artist uses to
create. Taken literally, you visualize the various forms of lines, color, and shape as they
come to life. Beyond those tropes, an artist, a person, with substance brings value to the
world around them, creating something physically that has the power to connect and
evoke emotion.

My name is Joseph Cain, but you can call me XIII (13) for three reasons...

#1 Because I Am “Unlucky"

As the superstition goes, the number 13 is the most unlucky number, and the first thing I want people to know as soon as they meet me is that, I do not consider myself as lucky at all. The talent that I have isn’t from luck, good fortune, or something supernaturally out of my control, but from hard work, time and dedication. Practicing and growing every day, bit by bit like majority of all the other artists out there, and like all the other professions out there. There is blood, sweat and tears behind every G.O.A.T.


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